Credit card theft and fraud are crimes that have been increasing across the United States. If you or a loved one was charged with credit card fraud in New Jersey, there are certain things you need to know. It is critical to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the criminal justice system if you have been accused of a crime.

There are a several offenses that fall under credit card fraud. In New Jersey, an offense of credit card fraud is classified as a third-degree or fourth-degree charge, depending on the crime. In addition, the charge of credit card theft can also be concurrent with fraud. For those with criminal records, one can be sentenced to prison for up to three to five years and incur fines up to $15,000. A prison sentence can have serious effects on the offender’s financial, employment, and community life.

New Jersey Credit Card Fraud Act

Under the New Jersey Credit Card Fraud Act, there are various types of offenses. The most common consist of a person who takes a card without the consent of the cardholder; one who knowingly receives and uses a card that has been lost, mislaid, or mistakenly delivered; and one who is not the card issuer and buys or sells a card. The additional types of offenses consist of one, who with intent to defraud, obtains a credit card as security for debt; one who makes, modifies, or counterfeits a card; and one other than the cardholder or authorized user who signs a credit card.

Taken together, the offenses are clearly those in which the person has knowingly committed fraud. Sometimes credit card fraud goes hand in hand with other issues, such as drug addiction. Opioid use has risen to be a major health and social challenge across the country, and drug professionals note that the high cost of funding an illicit drug addiction can lead to other crimes. These crimes can affect the family members of the person struggling with substance addiction, which is why in some cases, credit card fraud is committed against a close family member to whom they have access.

It is important that those facing the challenge of drug addiction seek help; but unfortunately, this can happen after the individual has already been charged with another crime. It is important that you have a criminal defense attorney who can research the circumstances involving your arrest for any potential wrongdoing and represent you in court.

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