Advanced technology improves our lives every day, but it could also cause long-term harm for people. A mere afterthought a decade ago, the term cyberbullying is becoming more and more prevalent each day, especially with the dawn of social media, where information is posted and seen almost instantaneously.

Harms of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is when someone uses electronic communication to harm, intimidate, or blackmail another person. Anonymity makes cyberbullying perhaps worse than physical bullying or even assault; a victim does not necessarily know who is doing the bullying. It is more of a serious issue among teenagers as well, almost 75 percent of students admitted to hurting another person online, and 70 percent of students admitted to witnessing cyberbullying.

National Problem

Cyberbullying has become a nationally known problem, where it has been cited as perhaps the main cause of countless suicides and mass shootings. It can have lifelong effects, especially for the victim. However, it can also highly affect the bully as well. It is well documented that mental harm from bullying can severely impact a person’s emotional state.

Avoiding cyberbullying can be difficult because someone’s internet history can usually be tracked, even if the user believes they have deleted the trails. Unfortunately, someone’s internet posts or history can affect current or potential job positions.

New Jersey Laws

In New Jersey, a person could face a fourth-degree charge with fines and 18 months of prison for a cyber harassment charge. If the defendant was over the age of 21, then it would become a third-degree charge. Cyberbullying could also be considered stalking, which is also a major crime in the state of New Jersey. 

To combat cyberbullying, New Jersey had enforced an Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, which joins other states in the country. This is to help teachers and moderators to identify and prevent cyberbullying, bullying, and suicide. They also learn certain procedures to report and investigate bullying.

Those accused of cyberbullying may use the First Amendment as a defense, but cyberbullying falls under harassment, and threats and hateful speech may be considered illegal. In most cases, the victim of cyberbullying may believe that the threats are real and that the bully may make their threats a reality. If you are a accused of cyberbullying, the charges brought against you can be harsh, so hiring the right lawyer is essential.

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