One arrest on your record can drastically change your life forever. The state of New Jersey made the landmark decision to do away with the cash bail system. While fewer people sit in jail for lengthy periods of time because they cannot afford their release, it seems that there are fewer arrests for petty crimes and defendants are being released without certain conditions.

There are many who would argue that today’s criminal justice system needs reform; the modern cash bail system was racially biased, targeted poor neighborhoods, and overcrowded jail cells. By eliminating the cash bail system entirely, New Jersey is seeing positive results. Judges now have more than one option when deciding a defendant’s fate. Instead of setting a bail amount that the defendant most likely cannot afford, a judge can now follow an algorithm that measures the severity of the crime with the defendant’s history. With this tool, judges can weigh their decisions and either put a monitor on the defendant or choose to release them without conditions with a public safety assessment.

Police Officers and Prosecutors Affected

The elimination of the cash bail system has affected police officers and prosecutors as well. According to reports, the arrests of low-level crimes have dropped dramatically, and prosecutors are not pursuing them as much. This may be due to police officers using the same algorithm used by judges. Instead of arresting an accused person, reports are showing that summons for the person to appear in a court are being issued instead; in fact, summons are being used now more than ever. There, the judge can determine the fate of the accused. 

Arrests and convictions for higher level crimes and assaults are still occurring at the same rate. With lower level crimes, a judge’s decision may require more complicated guidelines than just paying bail. Regardless, because of the new criminal justice system, hiring a criminal defense lawyer can help you handle your situation and answer any questions you may have.

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